All you need to know about: Apcolite Premium Emulsion VS  Royale Luxury Emulsion

All you need to know about: Apcolite Premium Emulsion VS Royale Luxury Emulsion

December 16, 2021

Which Apcolite Premium Emulsion or Royale Luxury Emulsion is best for you? This blog will help give you all you need to know.

Royale Luxury emulsion

Royale Luxury emulsion is an expensive paint. It has a delicate shine and a glossy appearance. The range of coverage is 140-150. Washability: This is the first type of washable paint; it is delicate clean with a damp cloth to remove surface marks. This is far more durable than the previous two, lasting 7-8 years and maintaining its appearance. This results in a smooth finish – you’ll be shocked at how soft it is and how it glows with light. This is painted in the Sheen Category. This is more expensive than other paints, and it also necessitates the use of putty before putting royale luxury paint. 

  • Using a soft cotton damp cloth, dirt and stains remove quickly and easily in a millisecond.
  • Luxury compares to economy paints, royale paints are price premium.
  • They are more durable and have a longer life than water-based paints since they are made of plastic.
  • Royale Luxury emulsion has a 6- to 8-year average life duration.
  • Luxury emulsion intends for indoor walls only, not for external or non-porous surfaces like wood or metal

    Apcolite Premium Emulsion VS Royale Luxury Emulsion by Painting Drive

    Royale Luxury Emulsion

Types of Royale Luxury Emulsion 

Royale Matt

Royale Matt’s Luxury Emulsion provides your walls with a wonderful matte finish. It is the only washable matt paint emulsion in India that fit with Teflon surface protection. The harshest hues in the home, such as curd and ink, are substantially decreasing. While this washable wall paint dissolves water-based stains like tea, coffee, and so on. Its anti-fungal and anti-pollution properties ensure that the painted surface will retain its finish for many years to come. Painting Drive advises utilising this paint in a great matt finish for your house and workplace.

Royal Health Shield:

Royale health shield paint is a ground-breaking anti-bacterial paint for use inside. The Silver Ion Technology in Royale Health Shield Luxury Emulsion destroys 99 per cent of infection-causing microorganisms on painted surfaces. As a result, offering a more sanitary atmosphere at home.

Royale Shyne Luxury Emulsion:

A wall with a high, washable, brighter finish assures that a new wall will last for a long time. The wall appears to be fresh new. The paint’s great brightness and smoother finish would entice you to stare at it all day.

Royale Aspira:

Royale Aspira is the most highly sophisticated interior emulsion paint on the market.- Royale Aspira is designed to provide the greatest gloss and smoothest finish on your interior walls. It is the most durable and washable paint on the market, with unique water beading technology and Teflon surface protection. It is a leading fire-resistant paint on the market. Furthermore, it is an excellent crack-bridging paint, extending nearly 400 per cent to guarantee cracks are filled and walls remain lovely for years.

Royale Atmos: 

A one-of-a-kind interior paint that not only looks beautiful but also helps to purify the air within. Its carbon-activated technology cleans the air by reducing indoor contaminants including formaldehyde, VOCs, and odours. Royale Atmos is also an environmentally friendly paint that absorbs and lowers specific odours to help refresh the air. This Royal Atmospheric is Asian Paints’ first fragrance paint in weeks.

Royale Lustre:

An interior wall paint that provides a long-lasting sheen to your walls. When a competent painter uses a roller to apply this paint, it leaves a distinctive Dana pattern on the wall. That appears to be too wonderful. This interior paint’s anti-fungal properties are one of its distinguishing characteristics. It also protects your house from all types of fungus development.

Apcolite premium emulsion

The premium emulsion is a tad pricey. When compared to Tractor Emulsion. The finish is likewise matt. The coverage varies between 140 and 150. It is available in over 1750 different shades. Rich Matte has a smoother emulsion and a better finish than the tractor. It is also for a longer period, namely 4-6 years. Because it is not washable, the finish resembles Royale.

  • Apcolite Premium comes with a guarantee to ensure that they are free of tenacious stains and hence always look faultless.
  • Apcolite Premium is more affordable than Royale for the average person.
  • The surface is durable pure acrylic latex and contains a lot of opacity micro-pigments.
  • It has a 4- to 5-year average life duration.
  • Emulsion uses to provide a smooth finish on both interior and external walls, as well as concrete surfaces, kitchens, bathrooms, false ceilings, and other areas.

    Apcolite Premium Emulsion wall painting services in Mumbai by Painting Drive

    Apcolite Premium Emulsion

Types of Apcolite premium emulsion

Apcolite Premium Emulsion:

The super-acrylic quality of Apcolite Premium Emulsion ensures the wall’s rich, matt surface.

Apcolite Advanced Shyne:

This is an advanced technology paint that acts as a stain protector, making cleaning the walls a breeze. As a result, regard as an excellent choice for high-traffic areas of the home.

Apcolite Premium Satin Emulsion:

It is readily clean and stain-resistant, so it will keep the beauty of your house for decades. Because it can withstand numerous wash cycles, this satin finish paint assures that your walls will have a long-lasting lustre.

Apcolite Advanced Heavy Duty Emulsion:

Apcolite Advanced Emulsion is intended to protect your walls against fungus. It guarantees that different sorts of home stains have a lesser stain and are easier to clear. The paint provides a beautiful matte texture that masks surface undulations.


Plastic paints are known as emulsions, however, Apcolite Premium emulsion is a typical washable plastic paint. Apcolite premium emulsion is less costly and lacks premium qualities such as a matte appearance. Royale line refers to high-quality plastic paints that are industry leaders in the decorative paints area. There are other categories within Asian Paints, such as Royale Luxury, Royale Matte, and Royale Shyne. Royale paints are the greatest paint for providing houses with the most gorgeous finish, making them a traditional luxury that lasts longer than Apcolite interior emulsion.

We hope you found this knowledge useful and that you enjoyed reading it. Keep an eye on the new and exciting stuff! I wish you and your families a wonderful day & Healthy life. 

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