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The Best Wood Polish Finish: Asian Paint PU Coating vs ICA PU Coating

If you are thinking of enhancing your wooden surface’s appearance, wood polish is a demanding choice. Not only does it give a beautiful look, but it also provides durability by protecting it from moisture, scratches, and weather conditions. At Painting Drive, we are experts in pu polish. We not only polish plan wooden surfaces but also polish fluted MDF panels.

For pu polish, there are two renowned players in the market Asian Paint PU Coating and ICA PU Coating. We will compare their advantages, performance, and features, helping you make an informed decision for your future coating project.  

Asian Paint PU coating for Wood Polish:

Asian paint is a common household name. It offers a range of PU coatings to meet various needs. Its PU polish is a water and solvent-based coating. 

Let’s learn the key advantages of Asian paint PU coatings for perfect furniture polish.

White-PU-coated wall moulding BedroomWhite-PU-coated wall moulding Bedroom

Advantages of Asian Paint PU coating:

  • Asian paint offers a range of options, from gloss to semigloss, dead matte to rich matte, satin finish, and pu coating for interior and exterior surfaces for different types of project requirements.
  • Asian paint pu coating gives a high gloss finish and enhances the appearance of a surface.
  • It is UV-resistant, which means it can withstand long exposure to sunlight without fading or yellowing.
  • This pu coating is highly famous for its durability and protection from scratch, weather effects, and wear and tear for years.

ICA PU Coatings for Wood Polish 

ICA is a leading name in the world of wood coatings. Moreover, it also offers a range of PU coatings, including matt and gloss, open-pore and closed-pore, transparent and pigmented. Let’s explore the advantages of ICA pu coatings.

Fluted, PU-Polished WallFluted, PU-Polished Wall

Advantages of ICA PU Coatings:

  • ICA-PU coatings are environmentally friendly. That meets environmental standards if you want an eco-friendly coating ICA has options for you.
  • ICA provides a range of colors and finishes to help you customize according to your interior project needs.
  • ICA PU coatings are very quick to dry, which helps to complete your project work efficiently.
  • These coatings are water-resistant and protect your wooden surface from moisture.

Now that we have explored the advantages and different finishes of both Asian paint polish and ICA coatings, we will see the differences between them.

Fluted PU Paint on FurnitureFluted PU Paint on Furniture

Difference Between Asian Paint and ICA

Versatility: Asian Paints offers a variety of products, making it easy to choose for different applications. On the other hand, ICA offers customized solutions according to customer needs.

Environment-friendly: ICA takes the lead in providing eco-friendly coatings compared to Asian paints.  Customers choose ICA over Asian paints.

Finishes: Both brands successfully give perfect finishes; your choice may depend on your preference.

Durability: ICA pu coating is more durable than Asian paint pu coating.

Quick dryer: ICA is a quick-drying pu coating compared to Asian paint that helps professionals achieve efficiency.

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Both brands provide quality pu coating for the interior; your choice can be based on the finishes, durability, and versatility. As an expert in wood polish, Painting Drive provides you with proper guidance for pu coating and also transforms your wooden surface with expert pu services. Enhancing the look of your home’s interior

We are the most valued painting and polishing company in Mumbai for wood polish work because of our expertise in the polishing industry since 1992. As a result, your entire wood polishing job will be completed on time. Additionally, our professionals guarantee a quote in less than 24 hours.

Painting Drive offers you:

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