Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

We are 29 years experienced painting company. We are expert in wood polishing like Duco, PU, Melamine, Lamination and many more. We give premium quality finish. We provide complete polishing and painting services across India.

After consistently providing painting and polishing services for almost 3 decades to our customers, we believe that expertise should not be limited but we should make available the best services to all.

We not only take up the fresh painting and polishing tasks but also handle the tedious tasks of repairing damage to walls and furniture. Waterproofing and addressing dampness, which can be troublesome for customers, becomes our priority job.

We came online to make our services available to a maximum number of customers with minimum effort.

Painting & Polishing

It's a special painting technique where waterproof sandpapers are used to sand multiple layers of paint, resulting in a high-level finish and effects.

Matt finish paint does not have any luster effects and provides a non-reflective surface.

French polish is a spirit-based liquid used in wood polishing to achieve a high gloss finish.

Putty is a material used to fill and smooth out imperfections on surfaces before painting.

Matt P.U. [water base] is a water-based polyurethane paint that is 100% washable and provides a smooth surface finish.

General Query

Yes, we take NEFT, Credit and Debit card payment.

We collect and dispose of the waste accumulated in the process of painting.