Top 8 False Ceiling Designs for your Interior Designing in 2023

Top 8 False Ceiling Designs for your Interior Designing in 2023

May 13, 2023

So, what is a false ceiling? A false ceiling is a type of ceiling that is designed to fit below the original ceiling. The word “falling ceiling” refers to a false ceiling design that is often supported by wood or metal frames and creates the appearance of a lower ceiling, sometimes with pieces of the actual ceiling on show.

A false ceiling can be constructed in any home, irrespective of size. This type of ceiling is usually mounted at a minimum distance of 8 inches from the original ceiling.

False Ceiling Interior Designing

Top False Ceiling Design ideas for your Home

Gypsum Ceiling Design: 

Gypsum is a popular fake ceiling material among homes because it is both durable and inexpensive. Although it cannot be moulded, it has various advantages such as sound absorption and energy efficiency. The most often used fake ceiling material is gypsum. It was one of the first false ceilings and has lasted the test of time for over two thousand years.

Pop False Ceiling Design: 

The most popular type of ceiling in India is the plaster of Paris or POP false ceiling. Plaster of Paris is used in a range of roofing applications, both residential and commercial. It requires little maintenance, is flexible to numerous patterns, and is extremely durable. 

A blend of spot fixtures and cove lighting works just as well for a tiny area’s lighting, especially when done with pop ceiling designs for the living room.  This sort of POP ceiling design for a hall is well-known for its insulating characteristics and ability to withstand various weather conditions.

PVC False Ceiling Design: 

PVC is another alternative for your ceiling material, albeit it is not as popular as POP or gypsum. This durable yet lightweight textile comes in a range of colours and designs. PVC is not only long-lasting and inexpensive, but it is also water- and termite-proof.

Simple False Ceiling Design:

A single-layered false ceiling design for a living room is built of a single layer of plasterboard, as the name indicates.

This false ceiling is a simple and affordable way to give a space personality and flair. If you want to create a statement and capture attention, you can choose from a vast range of colours, shapes, textures, and lighting options.

Wooden false ceiling design:

A hardwood extended panel is ideal for false ceiling ideas for the bedroom. In this design, the bed, the wall behind the bed, and the ceiling all appear to be part of the same unit. This adds consistency to the false ceiling design concept.

Because of its great insulating capabilities, this is one of the most popular patterns in India. If you are ready to invest money in your ceiling design, this is an excellent option to explore. These ceiling patterns bring a sense of majesty and grandeur to your environment. It’s a highly complex design.

Wood is always a winner, whether it’s for your furniture or your fake ceiling design. The most convenient way to bring warmth to your area is to install a hardwood faux ceiling. Make certain that the ceiling compliments your house design. For example, if you have a Scandinavian-style home, choose light wood over dark wood.

Coffered ceiling designs:

Plaster of Paris, gypsum, metal or even wood can be used to create false ceiling designs for halls. You may also use wood to make a fake ceiling for your hall, depending on where you live. These wooden beams form little frames throughout the space. Simple and appealing.

Peripheral false ceiling design

This simple pattern runs around the corners of the room and is ideal for houses with low ceilings. This design has room for a chandelier or pendant lights.

This basic design goes all the way around the room and is excellent for houses with low ceilings. There is also potential for chandeliers or hanging lighting in this design. Despite its diminutive size, this ceiling design lends a feeling of grandeur to your living room. This will also allow you to add a chandelier to your home without investing a lot of effort and money.

Grid false ceiling

That’s not necessary to have straight grid layouts, and if you’re seeking something unique for your home, consider this curved ceiling effect. The lines are parallel and form a grind pattern, yet they twist into the border of the ceiling. A luxury room with lovely lighting in the centre of the design.


False ceilings provide an ethereal charm to plain ceilings and raise the elegance quotient of your house!

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