PU Polish & Lamination

Our PU Coating on cabinets and wardrobe lamination will make your bedroom shine with sophistication, offering a perfect blend of form and function.

 PU on veneer polish

Our team specializes in enhancing cabinets and wardrobe laminations, giving them a sleek, durable finish. Whether you prefer the rich luster of Clear Coating or the vibrant Colour Coating, we ensure amazing results.

PU coating

Make your interiors with our specialized Metallic Effects and Special Effects coatings, creating a unique and sophisticated look. Trust us to bring elegance and durability to your bedroom furniture.

PU coating

We specialize in transforming cabinets and wardrobe laminations into stunning features with our Clear Coating, which highlights the wood's natural beauty, and Colour Coating for a vibrant touch. Our Special Effects and Metallic Effects add a creative flair, making your furniture truly unique.

Our PU Coating ensures a high-gloss, durable finish that protects against scratches and wear. Trust our skilled team to enhance your bedroom furniture, combining beauty with functionality for a perfect finish.