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Work With the Best Painting Company in Mumbai

If you’re looking for painting services in Mumbai, then you’ve come to the right place. We are the Best Painting Company in Mumbai, We provide services all over Mumbai. If you want a commercial or residential Painting Company in Mumbai, no matter how large your property is, we can help.

As Mumbai’s leading firm, we’ve been working for 25 years in this business. Therefore we’re able to provide you with an outstanding result and efficiently.

Have a look at the Painting Company in Mumbai services we provide.

Wood Polish (Coating):

Design your wall in Painting driveDesign your wall in Painting drive

Painting Drive provides French polish, Duco, Melamine, PU, Lamination, PU matt and all types of furniture polish. We are on top when it comes to wood spray painting. Monocot, Pearl PU, Mother of pearl, involves sanding, filling, staining, and hand polish. It gives the wooden surface a protection layer and a shining surface.

Melamine Polish:

Melamine polish was the first thing that comes to mind while thinking of spray painting. Which is available in both matt and gloss finish. It comes in both matt and gloss finish. It involves sanding off the wooden surface, staining, polishing and 2 coats of Melamine spray paints. This remains the favorite option for furniture lovers for decades.

Duco Spray Painting:

Duco Painting gives wooden surfaces a smooth, lustrous, and polished look hence, it is a popular paint. Previously, Duco paint was used for car shells, thinner based colors are used in Duco Paint. For a perfect look, proper sanding and several coats are required.

PU Color Coating:

Gloss PolishPolishing PU Company in Mumbai

PU is the advanced version of Duco Painting. Its application is more advanced and so is its property. It remains intact on the wood surface for Decade. Neither it fades nor deteriorate. Slowly it had become the trend in the market as it is superior to others.

PU has a variation:

PU also comes in a matt finish therefore, PU has unmatchable strength and shine.


Wood Lamination Company in MumbaiWood Lamination Company in Mumbai

Lamination comes in two categories clear and colour. This gives a rich feeling to the wooden surface. Its properties are superior to others. It almost feels like molten glass liquid poured into wooden surfaces. It shines not less than a glass surface. If budget is not the constraint then this becomes the best choice for clear and coloured wooden surfaces.

Texture Painting:

Laminate Flooring Services for your HomeTexture Painting Company in Mumbai

To give the wall a highlight effect so, it creates a different texture paint is the right choice. We do artistic texture painting on your wall. We normally suggest to our client to go for at least one wall with stencil/texture effects. Painting Drive has Archi concrete, Campier, Glitter, Sand Dune, Bricks, stucco fusion and so many types of textures. Painting Drive is also known as the best polishing expert in Mumbai.

Interior Painting:

Learn all about Wood cleaning & Wood Polishing tips you should follow this Diwali 2024Interior Painting Company in Mumbai

Painting Drive paints both indoor and outdoor walls of houses and offices. Painting Drive is an expert in painting but is also well known in Mumbai. We offer on-time painting services so that our customers are happy with our work. Hence, Plan your interior painting based on the needs for stencils, artist walls, and texture painting. We offer the best services indoors and outdoors all over the Painting Company in Mumbai.

Exterior Painting:

Exterior Painting Company in MumbaiExterior Painting Company in Mumbai

Painting Drive is offering the best services in home painting. The paint on your building’s walls reflects the house’s freshness. It adds to the vitality and beauty of the house. Every room’s exterior painting is the first impression, so we make sure it’s fine. Because of our dexterity and dedication, we can complete our assignments on time and to the best possible level. Our professionals ensure that outside walls should have painted in a creative and lovely way.

Metal Painting:

Metal Spray Painting Company in MumbaiMetal Spray Painting Company in Mumbai

Apply Metal painting to protect the metal surface and so, it gives a nice look. We are the best and trusted painters in Mumbai. We understand the needs of the client so, we do budget painting and premium painting.

PU Matt Polish:

PU Matt polish in MumbaiPU Matt polish in Mumbai

This is the alternative to Melamine but this comes with the advantage that it can be applied with a roller and brush. Pu Matt polish is water-based so, that it can be utilized with the help of spray. Pu Matt polish is water-based so, that use it with the help of spray.

When you’ve decided to have your Painting & Polishing, call us since we have the most competitive Polishing & Painting quote on the market. Our crew not only polishes but also takes the time to learn about the customer’s needs and provide a custom estimate that fits perfectly within everyone’s budget.

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