You are currently viewing Wooden Mandir Design unit for Every Space at Home in 2024

Wooden Mandir Design unit for Every Space at Home in 2024

You like wood, and we like to polish your wood items! Thus, from classic to innovative, ornate to basic, we’ve limited your search for the greatest wooden pooja mandir design for home to six stunning mandir designs! As per Vastu, a wooden mandir room is extremely fortunate and considered more dedicated. The safety of a pooja room with a blazing lamp for hours is the most important consideration for a happy home. So go ahead and choose your favourite Mandir design below!

Disclaimer: At Painting Drive, we do wood coating, painting and polishing on Mandir we do not manufacture mandirs. This blog is only for educational purposes. Visit our Project page to learn more about our Painting Drive services.

Delightful Pooja designDelightful Mandir design

Keep in mind… 

A wooden pooja mandir design can also suit small home mandir designs in apartments or as a mandir with a lovely door in the designs below. As a result, it’s a good idea to quickly check all the complete lists to get a general overview of wooden mandir designs, and then you can share the best mandir design which suits your home with your friends & family.

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So let’s begin! With the latest mandir design for home 

Best Wooden Pooja Mandir Designs for Home

Now we will see mandirs placed in various places of the home. Continue reading this wooden pooja mandir design blog carefully to find the ideal mandir design for your home.

Here’s what this post can help you with:

#1 Pooja Room in the Living Room – Mandir Door Design

The below Living wooden mandir room is essential for a visual darshan style, floor-rested wooden mandir design, larger than the typical smaller and portable ones, but just as exquisite. The doors have a wooden glass design and the body is of wood. There are also two little drawers next to each other for storing common mandir things such as cotton and Kapur.

Stunning Mandir decor design for Living roomStunning Mandir decor design for Living room

#2 Mandir Design in the Bedroom – Wall Mounted mandir design

Looking for a limited bedroom space mandir design? Consider using your bedroom walls for this next wooden temple design, which is all about making the most of your limited area to create a simple wall-mounted wooden temple for your wooden pooja mandir designs for home. Wall-mounted mandir is the perfect match for the bedroom area.

Wall Mandir designWall Mounded Mandir design for Bedroom space

#3 Mandir design on the balcony – Small Mandir on a Balcony

Whenever thinking of wooden mandir design ideas in the balcony area, suggest putting a corner with enough water and multi-flower borders for a much-needed peaceful environment. The wooden temple design space is separated from the wall panel and balcony by a patterned brick texture wall. You can see the best balcony mandir design, which is surrounded by brick texture pattern walls and is full of water with lovely flowers in the corner, which looks amazing in your space. Additionally, the beautiful decor feature enhances the sunlight on the balcony and sets the mood for the wooden mandir room’s calm. In this #PaintingDriveHome, the mix of a wooden drawer and a copper plate with the name of the Lord makes the area feel bright, fresh, and luxurious.

Environmentally friendly Mandir design for the balcony areaEnvironmentally friendly Mandir design for the balcony area

#4 Pooja room in the kitchen – Glass Door Mandir Design

For placing a mandir near a kitchen, one should occupy the least amount of space possible. Therefore here you can see a mandir design, which still helps you create a nice environment. Because of space constraints, Kitchen has a small glass mandir. It accomplishes creating a peaceful ambience with a blazing flame that smells and allows you to be active in work.

Glassdoor Pooja room designGlassdoor Pooja room design for Kitchen space

#5 Mandir design for hall – Pooja mandir with drawers

Another way to integrate this wooden mandir room design is to install a wooden frame on a wall to utilise as the background for your wooden mandir design, and then mount drawers and shelves beneath it to store the idol and other pooja-related items. The panel’s edges could be accentuated even more with the right set of backlights that give your sanctum a lovely glow. You will find three large drawers and wooden panels beside a white circular lighting panel that provides a gleaming effect to the mandir hall or wooden pooja mandir designs for home.

Wooden mandir decor with drawers in the hall areaWooden mandir decor with drawers in the hall area

#6 Pooja room under Staircase – Pooja door design with bells

Some folks identify a wooden mandir room with traditional designs. The mandir door is designed with a bell; many people believe that having a bell on a mandir door gives your wooden pooja mandir designs for home a positive vibe. If you are one of them, choose this solid wooden unit that exudes an Indian wooden mandir design room. The bells attached to the shutters remind us of temples. The bottom half of the unit has a large storage capacity.

Latest mandir unit near the staircase

Latest mandir unit near the staircase in 2024

#7 Pooja room in Dining Hall – Corner Mandir Design

The dining room and Mandir become the centre areas of your house but placing the mandir unit in the dining area is difficult. As a result, we feel the mandir design picture provided below will assist you in selecting the perfect small temple unit for your home. The mandir should be put in a corner of the dining area since there are Diyas in the mandir and they will harm children. Additionally, the mandir should be a calm place. The luxury sense is enhanced by the magnificent play of light and shadow through the Jaali of mandir doors, as well as the well-drawn out Dining table, bench seating, and crockery unit.

Beautiful dining area mandir design Beautiful dining area mandir design in 2024

So there you have it: our all-inclusive list of the most stunning home mandir design for Indian homes.

And that’s not all!

Things to Consider for a Wooden Mandir Design for Home

A pooja mandir is a place in your home where you may constantly feel the positive energy. However, to maximise the favourable results, you should consider purchasing one of the highest quality. You may also locate a variety of wooden mandir designs that are available in a variety of styles and materials.

One of the greatest solutions is to properly customise your wooden mandir design by Vastu sastra. This will assist in increasing the flow of energy and happiness in your home. You may go for uniqueness while designing your wooden temple design.

Did these pooja room ideas for Indian households provide you with the inspiration you were looking for? Also, learn about 5 Peaceful Wall painting colours for calming the mind

We hope you found this Mandir design idea useful and that you enjoyed reading it. Keep an eye on the new and exciting stuff! I wish you and your families a wonderful day & Healthy life.

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