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How to Build a Perfect Wardrobe Design for your Home? Know all about Wardrobe Design by Painting Drive

Are you looking for solutions to make a perfect wardrobe? Go with the modular wardrobes! Because they are not only gorgeous but also incredibly useful for wood veneer.

No matter how big or small your home is, you’ll need a living area and some storage. Wardrobe design, on the other side, can be tough and intricate work, once installed, it cannot be readily moved or modified.

When we design a wooden wardrobe, the first thing that comes to mind is

What Is the Best Wardrobe Height?

The average wardrobe height is between 7 and 8 feet. Anything less might compromise the practical design and storage space.

In the living room or a large open section of the house, a closet with seven to eight doors looks lovely. The closet is constructed of MDF and has a PU coating on the MDF.

Simple wardrobe design in 2024

What will be the  Wardrobe’s Size, Placement, and Space Analyses?

To determine the size of the closet, first, measure the available space. This will also decide the number of doors and whether they are sliding or hinged. A wall thickness length of 800 mm, or 2 to 3 feet, is required for a two-door swing wardrobe. However, if you want two sliding doors, your floor design should provide for at least 6 ft. of extra space.

What is known as a Wardrobe?

A wardrobe is a type of furniture at home where we keep all of our clothes & accessories. Wardrobe also known as cupboard & clothes closet.

Wardrobes aren’t as uninteresting as we make them out to be. They are all of the various shapes and can pull off a variety of silhouettes. This is dependent on how far your imagination can go. Also, consider wardrobes to be pliable, and work them around your bed or the window to determine their shape.

Open Wardrobe Design in 2024

Open Wardrobes Design in 2024

What is a Shaker wardrobe?

The elegance, squared framework, and antique measurements of Shaker-style closet doors set them apart.

Is your house full of cracks and crevices? Do you want to turn them into usable spaces? Then consider custom closets! They can transform even the smallest corner of your home into a very functional location for your accessories and things. They are also an excellent alternative if you do not want to compromise on any aspect of your wardrobe design, whether it is the number of shelves within the wardrobe or its overall aesthetic. Sometimes you may want your closets to do more than simply store your accessories, such as housing your dressing table or TV unit. So, Custom-made wardrobes perform well in these circumstances as well!

Wooden Wardrobe Design in 2024

Wooden Wardrobe Design in 2024

What Materials you can use to Design Wardrobes?

Experts suggest MDF for the core is not only less expensive but more because plywood tends to cave over time. Hence, MDF is the best material for a Wardrobe.

A multifunctional wardrobe with a built-in study unit, according to the top interior designers in Mumbai, is ideal for a child’s room or a working person’s room. Because the study unit will be aligned with the wardrobe, it will not obstruct movement around the room. With the study unit, you can personalize the wardrobe by adding drawers and top shelves.

Bedroom wardrobe design ideas in 2024

Which Finish is Best for Wardrobes?

Laminate, membrane, UV, acrylic, aluminum with glass, lacquer, or mirror are some of the available finishes. In comparison to other finishes, laminate and membrane are both affordable and easy to maintain.

Several homeowners are choosing PU & lamination finishes for their wardrobes, these help to create a lovely matt finish look. We are frequently restricted by our height and, for obvious reasons, do not choose ceiling-high cabinets. These dynamic hangers, on the other hand, make it much easier to use that area for hanging suits and other necessary clothing that you want to keep out of the way.

Bedroom wardrobe design ideas in 2024Bedroom wardrobes design ideas in 2024

What is the Ideal Depth for Wardrobe Design? 

The wardrobes or closet depth, the normal 1.5 ft. is sufficient if you fold your clothes. However, if you want to hang jackets and blazers, or heavy skirts and saris, you need to make 2 ft. deep frames.

You can choose a sleek glass wardrobe to make your bedroom appear opulent if you want it to exude flair. Our Painting Drive interior designers utilize a glass-fronted spline cabinet or a movable dresser with high-quality materials.

Wardrobe design with mirror in 2024Wardrobe design with mirror in 2024

What is the Maximum Height of a Wardrobe?

The average depth of a wardrobe closet is 24 inches, although it can be as shallow as 18 or even 12 inches. The height required varies depending on the purpose, although it is normally no more than 72 inches. The width can range from 24 inches to more than 96 inches.

Polishing on Wooden FlooringBlue Interior Wall

How to Make Space for the Accessories?

Customization is essential when it comes to neatly store accessories. Plan nooks and hooks for scarves, belts, purses, and ties according to the quantity and kind. Shoes and jackets can be piled or hanging. If you have the room, a bespoke drawer with tilting racks is ideal for shoes. Place them on the bottom part of the cabinet for easy access.


The current generation of homeowners is paying greater attention to wardrobe design. These trends are to the new types of housing alternatives accessible and the changing tastes of the younger generation! To know how to build a perfect wardrobe for your home in a luxury way.

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