Trending Interior Door Designs Ideas for your home in 2023

Trending Interior Door Designs Ideas for your home in 2023

October 11, 2023

The entrance to your home is the way to the beautiful interior hidden inside with trendy designs. It’s the first thing that catches the eye of your guests & loved ones. Beautiful door designs are available in Painting Drive with high-class coating.

Disclaimer –  At Painting Drive, we do wood coating painting and polishing on doors we do not manufacture doors this blog is only for educational purposes. Visit our service page to learn more about our Painting Drive services.

A home with a unique door design is different from a home with a simple design. With modern door styles, your door can stand apart from an ordinary one. We will give you quick information about the door designs to help you choose the best one.

Here are some modern door designs to elevate your home’s entrance.

Best Main Door Design Ideas with Trendy Door Entrance Designs

A perfect blend of beauty and creativity – Fluted Door Designs

Level up your main door’s look with a fluted door. A fluted door features vertical grooves or ridges that create a textured look and the combination of paint takes its look to the next level. Its flawlessly sculpted elegance sets it apart from the regular ones and makes it unique. Not only does it look good, but it is also strong and durable.

Fluted MDF Coating with Painting Drive Company since 1992

Fluted Coating on MDF

You just have to purchase the MDF flute panel of your choice and let it be painted with endless colour possibilities. Painting Drive provides mesmerizing PU paintwork for your flute door that can totally match your expectations.

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Go heavy and Bold with Metallic Door Designs

A Metal-coated door is a new concept in Door design. In this concept, a coating is applied to your wooden door that gives it a similar heavy metallic look and its pattern and matte finish give your door a unique finish.

Door Polishing & Painting premium services is here at Painting Drive Company since 1992

Metal door coating by Painting Drive

This is perfectly suitable for front door design as it gives a bold and beautiful appearance. Generally, this coating is done mostly in conventional brown. If you want to go beyond that check out home interior design which has the option of different customized colours and designs.

Elegant and Attractive – Lamination/Ployster Door Design      

Highly sustainable with a premium look, a lamination door polish is what you need for your home’s door design. 

Lamination polished doors are attractive in appearance as they have a glossy finish. They are expensive by nature because of the chemicals used in polishing. However, they are highly durable in nature. They come in two options clear or color lamination. So you’ve got a choice to make. 

Lamination Coating or Polyster Coating is done by Painting Drive Company in Mumbai

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The best thing about lamination doors is that you can use them for not only the main door design but also the other doors of your house, like the bedrooms and kitchen.

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Something new and different – Textured door:

You’ve mostly seen texture paint on walls only but now you can use it on your door as well. In this, you can choose the texture colours and patterns of your choice and match your entrance look with the look of your wall.

Texture painting on door is unique but we do it inhouse, so visit www.paintingdrive.com

Innovative door Texture Painting with Coating

This door design has a versatile look. It’s the most out-of-the-box idea for your wooden door design. In this process, paint is applied to your wooden door and a desirable texture is given. It gives the perfect wall kind of finish to your wooden door. Different from the normal paint, these doors look eye-catching as they have different textures on them.

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Many times people choose the colour of the door according to their wall colour to match the vibe of the house, but with textured paint door designs, you can paint your wall and doors in the same colour. If you want your door to be painted in textured paint, you can visit our experience centre in Santacruz, Mumbai & have a look at our Painting & Polishing Service also check out the website, which has multiple colour and texture options available.   

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Your door’s look can create a positive or negative impression in the minds of visitors so make sure you choose the right designs. But design is not everything as your door also protects your house, it should be strong and durable for your safety. 

So always choose a door with a beautiful appearance and build it strong. It is advisable to customize your door according to your needs and preferences. 

Painting Drive offers you:

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We hope you found this knowledge useful and that you enjoyed reading it. Keep an eye on the new and exciting stuff! I wish you and your families a wonderful day & Healthy life.

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