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Wood Polish (Coating)

We do French polish, Duco, Melamine, PU, Lamination (Polyester), PU matt and all types of Furniture Polishing or Wood Polishing. Painting Drive tops the list when it comes to Wood Spray Painting. We also do Monocot, Pearl PU, Acrylic, White stone finish, and Mother of pearl. This involves sanding, filling, staining and hand polishing. This gives the wooden surface a protection layer and a shining & smooth surface.

Melamine Polish

When the wooden surface requires a spray polish than this comes as the first option to be applied. It comes in both matt and gloss finish. It involves sanding of wooden surface, staining, polishing and 2 coats of Melamine spray paints. This remains the favorite options for furniture lovers from decades.

Duco Spray Painting

Duco Painting gives wooden surfaces a smooth, lustrous, and polished look. Previously, this colour was used on the car shell. Duco Polish is often painted with thinner-based colors. Its use necessitates sanding and several coats of paint. Its construction is largely based on the surface of the wood to be covered.

PU Color Coating

PU is the advanced version of Duco Painting. Its application is more advanced and so its property. It remains intact on wood surface for Decade. Neither it fades not deteriorate. Slowly it had become the trend in the market as it is superior than other.

PU has variation:

  • Clear PU coating
  • Color PU coating
  • Pearl PU

PU also comes in a matt finish. PU has unmatchable strength and shine.”


Lamination comes in two categories clear and color. This gives the rich feeling to wooden surface. Its properties are superior than others. It almost feels like molten glass liquid poured to wooden surfaces. It shines not less than a glass surface. If budget is not the constraints than this becomes the best choice for clear and colored wooden surfaces.

Texture Painting

To give the wall a highlighting effect and creates a difference texture paint is the right choice. We do artistic texture painting on your wall . We normally suggest to our client to go for at least on wall with stencil/texture effects. Our texture work includes Antique effect, Archi concrete, Campier, Glitter, Sand Dune, Color wash, Bricks, stucco fusion and many more latest texture. We are expert in polish and texture painting so also known as best polishwala in Mumbai.

Interior Painting

Painting Drive is a specialist interior painting Company in Mumbai. We paint both interior and exterior wall of every home. On time painting is what we do. Our painting services cover both residential and commercial painting. In interior painting, all stencils, artist walls, texture painting, and planned wall painting according to requirements are used. We deliver best interior service on time.

Exterior Painting

We are recognized for providing the best home painting services. The paint on your building’s walls reflects the house’s freshness. It adds to the vitality and beauty of the house. Every room’s exterior painting is the first impression, so we make sure it’s fine. Because of our dexterity and dedication, we are able to complete our assignments on time and to the best possible level. Our professional painters ensure that the exterior walls are decorated in a pleasing manner, creating a positive atmosphere.

Metal Painting

Metal painting is not only done to protect the metal for longer life but also for looks and effects. We are the trusted painters in mumbai. We understand the needs of the client so we do economical painting, budget painting and also premium painting.

PU Matt Polish

This is the alternative to Melamine but this comes with the advantage that it can be applied with roller and brush. This can also be applied with spray. It is water based. This is the only top coat in polish that can be applied with roller and brush.

It comes in two variations:

  • Matt Finish
  • Gloss Finish

It does not have odor. So it can be applied to places where people are present who don’t    like the paint smell.

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