PU Coating’s Advantages Over Other Wood Coatings

PU Coating’s Advantages Over Other Wood Coatings

March 7, 2022

Polishing the hardwood surface with this variation will give it a durable finish. Water-soluble polish, oil-based wood polish, shellac polish, lacquer wood polish, melamine polish, PU coating, Duco polish, and other polishes are available. Each polish has distinct look and colour properties. Surface polishes and penetrating polishes are the two types of wood polish. The wooden surface can be laminated by itself with the aid of surface polish. The penetrating polish will soak into the wood to a certain amount. PU (Polyurethane) polish is a popular choice, and it comes in a variety of colours.

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Color PU Coating

Advantages of PU coating / PU Polishing

PU polish is a medium-range polish with a multitude of shine options. It is on a variety of materials other than wood, such as metallic and non-ferrous surfaces. The Polyurethane polish used on wood is a transparent polish that gives natural wood a lustrous sheen.

  1. Polyurethane polishes will give the woodwork or veneer work a glossy look.
  2. Feature a high water resistance, ensuring that liquids do not harm the surface.
  3. PU Wood polish has longer durability than Melamine. 
  4. PU polish is a budget-friendly polish for a middle-class home.
  5. Furthermore, water-based PU polishes are a renewable source that does not affect the environment.
  6. Some finishes, such as oil-soluble polishes, must be handled with caution, and eye protection is crucial while working.
  7. In Polyurethane polish, you can get many shades in the colour PU & there are two finishes available matt finish & Gloss Finish.
  8. In addition, a small number of coatings require to get the preferred result and appearance. Polishing with other materials, such as melamine, will necessitate additional coats to attain the desired look.
  9. The major advantage of utilizing a PU polish is that it is resistant to stress and has high scratch resistance.
  10. PU polish can withstand wear and tear. Polyurethane-polished wood does not quickly wear away.
  11. PU polish is cost-effective as compared to Lamination Finish.
  12. Over time, basic or normal wood polishes may be yellow. The PU polish will not turn yellow as soon as other polishes.
  13. After applying a layer of PU polish, it will dry quickly. Other polishes, on the other hand, may take hours to dry.

    Over all look after polishing

    Clear Glossy PU finish

Lamination finish over PU Coating / Polyurethane polish

Lamination(Polyester) polish is quite an expensive polish than PU polish. Homeowner prefers PU finish on Lamination as their budget is less. Every homeowner likes the Lamination finish more than the PU finish as the Lamination finish looks more narrative & it gives a Mirror effect on the veneer surface. Lamination & PU can be done on any surface but prefer surface is Veneer & Wood.

A wooden surface gives a variety of colours by using PU polish. Not only that, but each PU polish hue offers both a matte and a glossy finish. Lamination coating has restrictions in terms of colour diversity. If you are planning to make a kitchen cabinet with a Lamination finish then a PU finish will be best. 

Melamine Polish over Polyurethane polish/ PU Coating

PU polish is more expensive than melamine polish, as per the budget melamine is good. PU polish is the best one for every area of the home like living room, bedroom, dining table, mandir area & so on, but for Kitchen, PU polish is best. 

If you are looking for melamine polish then polish a thin resin that produces a thin film-like layer when applied to the wood surface. Polished melamine is a psoric polished closed product that primarily protects the wood against warm and cold surfaces.

Melamine polish evaporates after 20 minutes. It has a glossier appearance than a matt finish on the coated wood panel or surface following application. As a result, the polished mixture must be applied within 8 hours of being prepared.

We will suggest going for PU over Melamine 

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