PU Paint & Veneer Polish

The room's furniture, finished with PU on veneer polish, showcases a high-gloss shine that complements the modern, stylish decor.

PU paint polished

This beautifully PU paint polished on veneer furniture adds a touch of impression to the room, making it a true fine craftsmanship. The glossy PU Paint finish on the veneer furniture enhances the room's aesthetic, creating a perfect blend of comfort and class.

furniture design

A masterpiece in furniture design, this piece shine with a luxurious PU polish( Satin Metal) over rich veneer. The finish highlights the intricate wood patterns, delivering a classic attractive appearance.

The result is a stunningly smooth surface that enhances the wood's natural elegance and charm.

PU Paint polish

The TV unit showcases a PU Paint polish on veneer furniture, creating a mirror-like finish that reflects the beauty of the room and enhances its overall ambience. With a glossy PU polish, the wall and TV unit take on a stunning, reflective quality, making the room feel brighter and more spacious while exuding a modern charm.

PU polish

With the perfect harmony of craftsmanship and aesthetics as the lustrous PU polish accentuates the beautiful grains of the veneer, showing upon this wardrobe a beauty that captivates the eye to your bedroom decor.

Every curve and shape is accurately coated in PU polish, enhancing the natural quality of its veneer, creating a breathtaking focal point in your bedroom.