PU Coating & Texture Paint

Our textured elegance projects highlight the beauty of texture paint, adding dimension and visual interest to every space. Here we are sharing you our innovative work of PU coatings and texture paints. Each project show how these materials enhance aesthetics and provide long-lasting protection for both interior and exterior surfaces.

PU coating

This client has done the PU coating on his Zick Zack Fluted wall which make the room appears to have a modern and cozy interior design on wall. This wall texture design is the perfect blend of durability and style, our PU coated walls exude a sleek, contemporary charm.

When it comes to fancy looking walls our client’s walls shine with a PU coating, creating an impeccable, lustrous finish.

PU coating

The Ozone Texture on this wall introduces a dynamic interplay of light and shadow, creating a surface that is beautifully textured and visually attractive, transforming the entire room. The serene and sophisticated patterns of the Ozone Texture create a tranquil atmosphere, turning the wall into a calming and visually pleasing feature of the room.

Also, the rich, layered effects of the Ozone Texture bring a sense of luxury and depth to the space, giving the walls the appearance of a luxurious work of art.

PU coating

This fluted design, properly coated with PU, demonstrates polished precision and high-end craftsmanship on wall, offering a visually stunning and durable finish. Also, a flawless PU coating, fluted design represents artful excellence, with its smooth, reflective surface adding depth and dimension.

PU-coating on mandir design,

Experience the allure of PU-coating on mandir design, offering a brilliant, polished look that enhances any interior. PU coating on these mandir delivers an impressive, high-gloss surface that's both beautiful and resilient. This PU coating brings mandir design to life with an incredible, reflective finish that’s simply breathtaking.