Best Wooden Lamination Ideas For Your Kitchen Cabinet In 2021

Best Wooden Lamination Ideas For Your Kitchen Cabinet In 2021

August 24, 2021

When it comes to food spills and scratches, this durable Wooden Lamination surface is the answer. Wood Lamination is a low-cost alternative to hardwood or tile. Clean-up is simple because the surface resists stains and scratches. Therefore, these heat resistant and water-resistant properties make them suitable for hot and humid environments.


Keeping in mind the functionality and the aesthetic finish people wish to see in their kitchen, here are some best possible options:

1) Antibacterial Wooden Lamination

Antibacterial laminates are the ultimate choice for kitchen cabinets

Antibacterial lamination services executed by Painting Drive.

Antibacterial lamination can help you keep your kitchen cabinets clean by preventing the growth of microbes. Hence, wood Lamination is made with antimicrobial additives that make them resistant to mould, termites, and other pathogens. 

2) Matte Finish Lamination

Matte lamination gives the ultimate modern looking kitchen cabinets

Matte-Lamination overall look and finish.

These are resistant to scratches and reflect modest light. Since dirt and stains cannot be seen on matte finish lamination, they are easy to maintain and ideal for kitchens that are subject to intensive use.

Pro tip: As a precaution, all Wood lamination surfaces must be protected against continuing water exposure or over-humidity, as the laminate can be loose from the base, something that can be hard to fix.

3) Gloss Finish Lamination

Glossy Lamination done to kitchen cabinets, giving the high gloss effect.

Glossy lamination adding extra shine to kitchen cabinets

High-gloss lamination sheets are a modern home that deals with some of the most aesthetically appealing kitchen surface solutions. equipped with modern surfacing materials with abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, and a long life span, making them a reliable heavy-duty solution. However glossy lamination requires frequent cleaning because they show scratches, smudges and fingerprints.

Pro tip: If you have stained your laminate surfaces, you should be careful while removing them. Do not use rough surfaces to rub on the stains. Instead, you can use nail polish remover to remove stains of ink, oil, tar etc.

4) Acrylic Finish Lamination

Acrylic Laminate is the answer for durable kitchen cabinets.

High gloss acrylic lamination elevating the looks of kitchen cabinets.

 An acrylic kitchen looks extremely bright and inviting compared to a laminate or a membrane finish. Brilliant texture contrast with a variety of background materials. It can take a lot of wear and tear because of its hard wear and renowned for its humidity, light UV and resistance to scratches retain nuance and brightness for many years. Cleaning it is extremely simple as well, with soap and water it’s easy to clean.

Pro tip: You should clean using a damp soft cloth and mild cleaner, keep in mind to use specific acrylic-based cleaners; avoid acetone and also wipe away any soap build-up.

5) Textured Wooden Lamination

Texture Laminates to give a statement look to kitchen cabinets

Unique and modern kitchen cabinets protected by Texture Lamination.

Lamination replicates the appearance and feels of natural materials like wood, stone, crude silk, suede, and others, to make the whole kitchen look more profound. One of the drawbacks of using this Wooden lamination is that deeply Textured lamination can trap dirt and grime and make cleaning and maintenance difficult.

Pro Tip: A regular wipe with moist tissue should be included in the routine cleaning of textured laminate. A light soapy water solution is necessary for deeper cleaning; avoid abrasive cleaners or stainless steel-wool scrubbers because of the surface damage.

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Kitchens can make or break the whole house. We are here to help you make informed choices and provide our pro tips to maintain your kitchen. Hence, we hope you found our article helpful and entertaining, make sure not to miss our future content.

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