Why is Terrazzo Floor so Popular | Terrazzo stone so expensive | Pros & Cons

Why is Terrazzo Floor so Popular | Terrazzo stone so expensive | Pros & Cons

July 14, 2021

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A few years ago Terrazzo has gone out of fashion, however, terrazzo stone quickly returns from home to the floor. The terrazzo floor tendency has not ignored by designers and homeowners from the public offices to the private houses nowadays.

What is terrazzo? 

In Italy in the 16th century, terrazzo was a composite substance from cemented marble chips, reuse of stone offcuts. It poured into blocks that trimmed to size in situ by hand or prefabricated. You buy them as ready-made tiles that applied directly on walls and floors.

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Terrazzo Bathroom

What is Terrazzo material?

Terrazzo composite material used for floor and wall treatments and disseminated in place or precast. It consists of marble, quartz, granite, glass and other appropriate material, which is poured in a cement binding agent, polymer (for fitting), or a combination of both.

How long does terrazzo last?

Terra stone has 75 years of durability. 

Why Terrazzo so expensive? & its Pros & Cons


Probably the most costly flooring ever to instal is terrazzo floors. It’s more costly than granite and marble. The procedure of installing flooring increases the amount since, in contrast to marble, granite or concrete, must properly place. Yeah, the floors are costly. Indeed, it is one of the most costly flooring alternatives for the modern householder.


A terrazzo floor pack whatever colour or any size you choose. This makes it a very adaptable choice for homeowners who want their own floors to generate drama and intrigue. You lay or poured the floor into a tile. The smooth flooring without seams or the need to break tiles is therefore easy.


Today, stones remain environmentally friendly and resilient as well as minimal maintenance. Furthermore, the terra does not have any fluoridating organic chemicals or VOCs because of its composition, further reinforcing the environment. Floors are undoubtedly the reference point for all environmentally friendly products.


Like other stone floors, floors can chip, but you really have to work on floors that damage them. You may put them on one of the sturdy floorings. The granite and marble parts are made of solid concrete or resin and, once set up, the floors remain as if they were put the day before. It is not possible to compare floors to carpet, wood or even marble in durability.


If you instal tiles, you can set up floors yourself, but a professional must instal real floors. This is a specialist facility for flooring. The first thing to be poured on the floor is concrete or resin. The sandy cement put on top of it. The Chips put on top of the layer in complex designs by hand. After this is done, sand is cleansed and the floor is finished with sealant. The floor polish with a terrazzo.

Low maintenance:

No brilliance or polishing is required for flooring; fast sweep-and-moping is perfectly enough. This makes it a valuable investment because a planned maintenance programme is not necessary.

Pro tip: 

Make sure you contact the correct crew if you decide to put a terrazzo floor in your home. It definitely isn’t a DIY endeavour. In addition, the manner you instal it takes a long way to prevent it from quickly cracking or wearing out.

Terrazzo flooring service at Mumbai

Terrazzo flooring

A floor terrazzo is a declaration alone. This makes it a popular and timely flooring alternative, together with its numerous advantages.

When you’ve decided to have your Terrazzo to your home, call us since we have the most competitive Terrazzo floor quote on the market. Our crew not only Paint but also takes the time to learn about the customer’s needs.

We hope you found this knowledge useful and that you enjoyed reading it. Keep an eye on the new and exciting stuff! I wish you and your families a wonderful day & Healthy life.

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