What is Melamine Polishing |  Melamine Painting coat Process | Melamine polish Price

What is Melamine Polishing | Melamine Painting coat Process | Melamine polish Price

June 10, 2021

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What is Melamine Polishing?

Melamine matt polish is the most common and recommended finish. Melamine polish is an organic chemical that is frequently mixed with formaldehyde to generate melamine resin, a fire-resistant and heat-tolerant synthetic polymer. Resin is a versatile substance with a well-defined structure.

Wax Based Wood Polish

Melamine Matt Polish

The melamine polish dries in 20 minutes.  Melamine polish is solely used in India and is not used anywhere else.  After application, the coated wood panel or surface has a more glossy look than a matt finish. As a result, the wood polish combination must be utilized within 8 hours.

Melamine polish is a closed pore polish, which means it seals the pores of the wood, making it non-breathable and protecting it from hot and cold surfaces. Melamine polish is made up of a thin resin that when applied to a wood surface generates a thin film-like layer.

Process Of Melamine Polishing

Step 1: Sanding

Wood Sanding

Sanding Wood

Sanding is the first and most important stage in the polishing process. It is critical for each piece of furniture’s surface. Sandpaper with larger grains is necessary since it is the first step after the furniture has been assembled. This sandpaper aids in the smoothing of the wood’s fibrous surface and rough edges.

Step 2: Stuffing 

Testing Paint on Wood

Wood Stuffing

It’s now time to fill in the little open pores, cut surfaces, and other gaps created throughout the furniture-making process. These wood coating fillers may be found in a variety of brands on the market. Following the selection of the finest, it should be applied to the furniture joints first, since this is our most important demand. Small holes and the location where nails were used for fitting are afterwards covered up and carefully hidden.

Step 3: Sanding Sealing

Spray Painting Expert

Melamine Spray Painting

Sanding sealer is an important part of the melamine polishing process. However, sanding is necessary once more prior to application. When the fillers are dry, use sandpaper with smaller grains to make the surface more smoother. Apply sealer with a spray gun connected to the compressor while applying melamine polish. Because it is so vital, it is done uniformly on every part of the furniture. It creates a protective coating over the woods while also enhancing the final melamine polish appearance.

Step 4: Adding Color

Testing Paint on Wood

Add colour on Wood

After the furniture is color-matched to your décor, it becomes a part of your house. Choose your favorites colours for your wooden furniture, and Painting Drive will match them perfectly. If the furniture is made of Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF), make a fake wood-like fiber with a chemical compound to give it a natural wood texture; otherwise, skip this step. Rosewood, walnut, charcoal, and natural are some of the most popular colours right now. To colour the furniture, use a regular paintbrush or a paint spray.

Step 5: Coating of Melamine

Oil Based wood polish

Coating Melamine Polish

The application of the melamine polish is the final stage in this entire procedure. If you’re unfamiliar with melamine polish, it’s made up of two components: resin and catalyst (hardener), and if you want to learn more about the distinctions between Melamine and PU polishing, see our latest blog. They must be utilized within 8 hours of preparation and are well-mixed in a correct composition to generate a great coating substance. 

Using a spray gun attached to the compressor machine, apply Melamine polish. Spraying should only be done by professionals, since it is one of the most critical and difficult duties in the entire procedure.

Step 6: Add Final Finish

Varnish Wood polishing

Final Polish finish

Melamine must be re-coated to maintain its brilliance. However, the initial coat should have ample time to dry thoroughly before proceeding. Sand the surface with waterproof sanding paper (emery paper) with extremely fine granules once it has dried. After the initial melamine coating, the surface becomes a little rougher, so this step smooths it out. After the initial melamine coating, the surface becomes a little rougher, so this step smooths it out. The final finish is applied using the spray gun, much like the first coat.

Features/ Benefits of Melamine Polishing  

  • Longevity — lasts significantly longer than traditional French polish.
  • Crystal retention–Provides excellent glass retention, ensuring that your furniture remains gleaming for years to come.
  • Resistance — Scratch, stain, and heat resistance.
  • Protection — preserves the furniture from regular wear and tear on the inside as well.

Price/ Range of Melamine Polishing  

Melamine polish comes in a variety of grades and gloss levels. As a result, the cost of melamine polish per square foot varies between Rs 80 and Rs 110. 

When you’ve made the decision to have your Wood Polished, call us since we have the most competitive Wood Polishing & Metal polishing quote on the market. Our crew not only polish, but also takes the time to learn about the customer’s needs and provide a custom estimate that fits perfectly within everyone’s budget.

We hope you found this knowledge useful and that you enjoyed reading it. Keep an eye for the new and exciting stuff! I wish you and your families a wonderful day & Healthy life.

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