What is the best wood for furniture in the home | Type of Wooden Furniture

What is the best wood for furniture in the home | Type of Wooden Furniture

June 15, 2021

Types of Wood for Furniture in Your Home 

Wooden furniture is a classic addition to your ideal house. Wood is an obvious choice since it is a durable, long-lasting, and timeless material that never goes out of style. Different wood found in every Indian home, few of us are aware of the types of wood use in our furnishings.

Are you undecided which type of wood furniture is ideal for you? You’ve arrived at the correct location! We’ll assist you in determining which wood furniture is appropriate for your house and lifestyle. Purchasing genuine wood furniture is an investment that will pay off for many years. For furniture, there are many different types of wood.

Following are Types of Wood

Teak Wood

Teak wood is most used wood in furniture making


Teak is one of the most often easily available wood types in the region. Certain manufacturers import teak wood from Burma and Ghana. Kerala is the leading producer of teak wood in India. It is commonly use to create door frames, cabinets, and tables because it is strong and long-lasting. Teak is naturally resistant to decaying wood that outlasts all others. We involved. It uses to make outdoor furniture because it’s a tough wood that can withstand extreme heat and cold.


Indian Rose wood


One of the most popular furniture materials is Indian rosewood. Sheesham is a timeless hardwood that polished and finished in a variety of ways. It is a little pricey, but it is termite-resistant and can survive a wide range of temperatures. Rosewood is a flexible material that used to build everything in your house, from bedroom furniture to kitchen cabinets, couch sets, dining sets, and even flooring. 

Marandi Wood

Marandi wood


Marandi, also known as white cedarwood, is a beautiful veneer for wooden products such as chests, shoe racks, trunks, and other ornamental things. This wood has an aesthetic appeal in addition to being robust and requiring little care. This wood, which is from Malaysia, needs to be nourishing for about a month before it can be utilized.


Oak Wood


With a gritty feel and a pronounced grain, oak is one of the most utilized hardwoods. Oak is a hefty, sturdy wood use to make furniture last a long time. Depending on the tree and forested, natural oak may appear in both light and dark colours.


MDF and veneer is most affordable

Engineered wood is MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). MDF is a construction material that is denser than plywood and lacks the knots and rings seen in natural timbers. MDF is a great veneer substrate that is less expensive than many natural timbers. Veneered MDF decorates the MDF framework with tiny slices of genuine wood, giving the impression that the entire structure is made of wood

Mahogany Wood


Mahogany is a robust wood with a consistent pore structure and irregular yearly rings. It’s a reddish-brown colour with stripe, ribbon, broken stripe, rope, ripple, mottle, fiddleback, or blister patterns. Crotch mahogany figurines are popular and highly prized. Mahogany is a great carving wood that also looks great. Honduran mahogany is a tropical hardwood native to South and Central America as well as Africa. This term refers to a wide range of grades and species with a wide range of quality and price. The Caribbean is reputed to produce the hardest, strongest, and highest-quality mahogany. African logs, though highly detailed, are of poorer quality.  

Sal is also one Types of Wood


This wood is a high-quality wood use for furniture and construction. Sal wood is a type of wood that does not need to be polished for its durability. Wood is termite-resistant. Commonly used to make door frames, stairwells, and beams. 

These are some real wood types that are used to make furniture for the house, and if you want to buy or polish one, give us a call since we have the best polishing quotation on the market.

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