Types of Paints Available For Home Walls Interior?

Types of Paints Available For Home Walls Interior?

December 5, 2021

Are you Planning to Paint your Sweet Interior Home walls? Before you go further, you need to know about several types of interior wall paints 7 which paint is best for your wall? Even so, the more you know about the many paintable surfaces and the effects, the easier it will be to select the perfect paint for your Home Interior.

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Distemper paint

It is a low-cost house paint that is used in Indian households to whitewash walls. It’s safe and simple to use, but it’s quickly marked or discoloured.

Types of Paints for home decor

Home Interior Painting

Specially used in balcony, terrace and roof.

Acrylic emulsion paint

Emulsion paints have improved features such as mildew resistance, ease of maintenance, and a large range of colour options. Another key quality of emulsions is how easy they are to apply and how quickly they dry. Types of Paints like exterior paints come in a variety of characteristics to help them resist varied weather conditions. The resilience to heat and rain are two crucial characteristics to seek in the best exterior paints.

Specially use in wood & metal surface.

Oil paint 

Oil paints typically apply in three coats: primer, undercoat, and final coat. This sort of paint can create both glossy and mat effects while being durable and cost-effective. The painted surfaces after using oil paint are extremely easy to clean and also have ease of application. Oil paint uses inside metal buildings, walls, and windows. It’s vital to know that oil paint isn’t ideal for humid environments, and it also takes a long time to cure entirely. Linseed oil and colours mixed in before use.

Enamel paint

Enamel paint is commonly used to finish metallic and wooden surfaces. The finish is firm, glossy, and opaque. It used to coat walls to protect them from the elements. Enamel paint, for example, is a fantastic choice for commercial kitchens since it is water, stain, and heat resistant. Enamel paint uses to paint bathroom doors expose to dampness.

Specially used in the kitchen, bathroom, study room, and children’s room.

Flat finish painting

Flat Enamel paint

Plastic Paint

This sort of paint frequently employs water as a thinner, and it is available in a broad range of hues. It dries quickly and certainly provides a lot of coverage.

Specially used on a Piece of stone, Ceilings, Walls, surfaces in showcase rooms, auditoriums, and showrooms.

Cement Paint

A costly, long-lasting paint that is suitable for exposed surfaces that are subject to changing weather and extensive use, such as patios and garages. There are types of paints in the interior home but cement paint is the one that uses the first coat.

Bituminous Paint

The sort of paint creates tar or dissolved asphalt, which gives it its distinctive black hue. It is also alkali-resistant while being watertight. However, because it gradually deteriorates, it is not ideal for any applications where it will be entirely exposed to the sun. Bituminous paint uses concrete foundations, submerged ironworks, iron pipelines, and timber surfaces.

Specially used in the rusting in metal applications.

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