PU Polishing | Polyurethane: All you need to know!

PU Polishing | Polyurethane: All you need to know!

September 24, 2021

Perfectly polished furniture, whether it be any wooden furniture or metallic element can immediately transform the looks and feel of your home interior. This is why PU polishing and painting services are important. We bring you the best painting & polishing service company, Painting Drive who provides you with a team of highly skilled and trained professionals


Duco polishing

Duco Wood Polishing company in Mumbai

PU polish stands for polyurethane polish which is a hard malleable polymer use in painting and coating as protection covers. It gives a refined finish to a piece of metallic or wooden furniture. It not only prevents the furniture from everyday damage but also gives a magnificent look to your wooden furniture with adds on to your home interior furniture.

PU polish gives you a choice of matt or gloss shade so you can alter the natural shade of the material. 

PU Polishing Features

Melamine Polish services in Mumbai

Melamine Polish services in Mumbai

Application–When thinned and wiped on, PU polish is very easy to apply. It also is sprayed or brushed onto wood furniture.

Durability – PU polish is described as a tuff polish. Once cured, it is a very long-lasting polish. The curing time for standard PU polish is 7 days.

Safety –With petroleum-based solvents, PU polish is a relatively safe polish. There are fewer volatile organic compounds in the water-based polish.VOC’s is not present in 2-part PU polish.

PU polish is irreversible on the wooden furniture while on metal it wipes off with help of removers.

Types of PU Polishing 

PU matt polish: Matte is a dark finish that does not reflect light and gives a rich and elegant appearance. The matt finish utilizes to add a visual and natural texture to the polish. Pu matt polish mainly uses in modern interiors.

Wax Based Wood Polish

Matt polish

PU gloss polish: The gloss finish, on the other hand, shines brilliantly. Accordingly, the gloss draws attention to the original surface’s colours and patterns. PU gloss finish uses on kitchen cabinets and wooden doors.

PU Polish

Gloss Polish

PU polish colour: The base material is not at all visible. It is clearly covered with the paint coat of your selection. The appearance of a glossy finish or matte finish is based completely on your preferences. PU polish colour cost is higher than the transparent PU Polish and maintenance is also easier than transparent or clear PU polish.

Glossy lamination done to kitchen cabinets, giving the high gloss effect.

Colour polish


PU coating is long-lasting. With good maintenance and care, PU paint or PU Polish furniture will last more than 15 years.

Still, confused about PU polish being the right choice? Call us to get a free consultation on Polishing and Book Expert PU polish service and we ensure to satisfy all your needs and wants.

We hope you found this knowledge useful and that you enjoyed reading it. Keep an eye on the new and exciting stuff! I wish you and your families a wonderful day & Healthy life. 

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