Are the polishing processes of melamine and duco the same?

Are the polishing processes of melamine and duco the same?

July 3, 2021

What is the difference between Melamine vs Duco polish?

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In Melamine vs Duco, Melamine Matt polish is the most common and recommended finish. Melamine furniture polish is quite popular these days since it provides a better and long-lasting gloss that protects wood surfaces from scratching and staining. Duco finish or paint is a type of final finishing technique used in the furniture manufacturing process. The method is use in spray paint raw furniture, as well as Automotive, Mobile Body, etc.

Because there are numerous steps to obtain the optimum result, the process will take longer. It dries quickly and has a high solid content. The home looks new and creative because of its high solid content, great water resistance, self-levelling qualities, and longevity.

Application Process of Melamine vs Duco

Application Process of Melamine Polish

Melamine vs Duco

Wood Polishing Services

Step 1:

The first and most important step is Sanding, Sand Wooden surfaces using Sanding Paper make sure the Whole Wood is been Sanded.

Step 2:

Wood Fillers is using in the next process. By making the mixture of wood fillers apply the corner parts of the wood and those parts which are open or cut surfaces.

Step 3:

The next step is to apply sealer on every portion of the furniture, Sealer is applied with the use of a spray gun.

Step 4:

Colour the furniture according to your preference

Step 5:

One of the critical processes which are recommended should be done by a professional because it takes time and a perfectly skilled person. Spray the polish which is a mixture of resin and catalyst, use it as soon as possible after creating the solution.

 Step 6:

Before starting the final process and the surface one last time with the help of waterproof sanding paper. Spray the melamine again on a sanded smooth surface to give it a final finishing.

Application Process of Duco Polish

Melamine vs Duco - Wooden Door

Step 1:

Apply a few coats of shellac polish, it will highlight the necessary repairs and flaws of the surface.

Step 2: 

After the shellac polish fills all the cracks with the help of a professional painter, use the wood fillers to cover the dents, scratches, and holes on the surface.

Step 3:

Apply the primer with the mixture of thinner, Apply it with the use of a spray gun. Wait for half an hour to completely dry the primer. Duco primers come in two colours, one is white and another is grey. Use white if your colour preference is a light shade and use grey for dark shade.

Step 4:

Before moving into the next step make sure the first process gives a perfect look without any dents and gaps. If any imperfection appears repeat the process to get the final look once achieved the perfect polish move to the next step.

 Step 5:

Apply the Duco primer again on the repaired part of the surface. Then apply the second layer of Duco primer surface.

Step 6:

Use Wet Sandpaper (waterproof abrasive paper) to give a smooth finish on the surface. Clean the dust with the help of a waste cloth.

Step 7:

Beware that there should be no dust particles on the surface before starting the Duco paint. Start mixing the two components of the paint – Duco NC Lacquer with Duco Thinner. Start the first coat with the help of spray, wait for about half an hour and then start the second coat.

Step 8:

Before starting the final coat just sand the surface with the wet sandpaper to get the Matte finish, be careful as it should be done perfectly and carefully, now use the mixture of NC Lacquer and thinner. Apply the last coat of the Duco for the perfect and final look. Be careful as it is the last coat of the process it will give a perfect finish every process is done perfectly.

Step 9:

Buffing is Optional As per your choice if you want Gloss Finish rub the surface with a rubbing compound, and if you want to stick to a Matte finish don’t do anything leave the walls to dry and in no time you will have a perfect and long-lasting surface for your home.

Melamine vs Duco - Commercial Office

Commercial Offices wood polishing services

Conclusion by Painting Drive

Melamine and Duco are similar but not the same, you need to understand the difference. Melamine and Duco both process a high experience person. For Melamine Finish you have to take care of a few and easier steps than Duco, but Duco Finish has a single step that should be taken carefully. Melamine and Duco both give you Matte and Glossy Finish according to your choice, To get a perfect finish take the measures shown above, missing even a single step may affect the final results.

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We hope you found this knowledge useful and that you enjoyed reading it. Keep an eye on the new and exciting stuff! I wish you and your families a wonderful day & Healthy life.

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