30 Colour Names You Never Heard of | Painting Drive

30 Colour Names You Never Heard of | Painting Drive

July 28, 2021

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However, you may think that you know everything there is to know about colour names. Like the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet so there are lots of more uncommon colours you’ve never heard of, from the exact colour like a bear’s ear or a pigeon neck. Therefore it helps to describe every shade and colour. Though you may have seen these unusual shades before which most likely confuse for a more common colour.

Consider that for a moment. Colours have an impact on meals you eat every day like the brands you love also the clothes you wear.

So this means that choosing the right colour may have a great impact on our thoughts, behaviour, and emotions. Certain colours may make you feel nauseous and ill, while others may make you feel calm.

The study of colours is influenced by human behaviour, on the other hand, it is used to improve our life. Colour plays an important part in the technology and construction of items you use daily so, you may be aware of all of this. But how many colour names do you know?

Following are 30 various Colour Names and Colour Codes that you have seen but never heard of their Name.

  1. Aureolin #FDEE00

    Colour Names - Aureolin

    Aureolin Colour looks good For your Interior Walls.

  2. Amaranth #E52B50

    Colour Names - Amaranth

    Walls painted with Amaranth Colour give a striking appearance.

  3. Bastard-Amber #FFCC88

    Colour Names - Bastard-Amber

    Bastard-Amber colours are more natural than pure colours and are used to imitate natural light.

  4. Burlywood #DEB887

    Colour Names - Burlywood

    Paint your kitchen walls with Burlywood colour for an excellent appearance.

  5. Celadon #ACE1AF

    Colour Names - Celadon

    Think about Celadon when choosing a colour for your ceiling!

  6. Coquelicot #FF3800

    Colour Names - Coquelicot

    Coquelicot is a beautiful shade to use on your walls.

  7. Drunk-Tank Pink #DD11DD

    Colour Names - Drunk-Tank Pink

    Drunk-Tank Pink is the perfect choice for your workplace décor.

  8. Eburnean #FFFFEE

    Colour Names - Eburnean

    Use the Eburnean colour for a basic, elegant appearance.

  9. Falu #7B1818

    Colour Names - Falu

    Use Falu Colour in your bedroom to create a relaxing atmosphere.

  10. Feldgrau #4D5D53

    Colour Names - Feldgrau

    You should choose Feldgrau as your living room colour.

  11. Fulvous #E48400

    Name Colour - Fulvous

    The walls in the bedroom might be painted a cheerful colour.

  12. Glaucous #6082B6


    Paint your walls Glaucous colour to make your furniture appear stylish.

  13. Incarnadine #AA0022


    Walls look great with Incarnadine Colour!

  14. Labrador #615649


    Walls look great with Incarnadine Colour!

  15. Mikado #FFC40C


    Look at this awesome colour on the kitchen walls – Mikado colour

  16. Mountbatten Pink #997A8D

    Mountbatten Pink

    Mountbatten Pink is a colour that goes on any.

  17. Pervenche #0099EE


    On your walls, the Pervenche shade creates a sense of calm.

  18. Phlox #DF00FF


    Have multiple paintings on your wall paint your walls with Phlox colour to get this awesome look.

  19. Sang-De-Boeuf #771100


    Sang-De-Boeuf You may make your walls seem Extraordinary with a dark shade of red.

  20. Sarcoline #FFDDAA


    Sarcoline – A mixture of orange and brown colours which creates a unique look on your wall.

  21. Sinoper #BB1111


    Sinoper – Sinopia is a dark reddish-brown natural earth pigment, whose reddish colour comes from hematite, a dehydrated form of iron oxide.

  22. Skobeloff #007474


    If you have a decorative object to show off, paint your walls with Skobeloff colours.

  23. Smaragdine #4A9976


    It offers your walls an elegant aesthetic that highlights your originality.

  24. Verditer #00BBAA


    Verditer – A stunning look on your walls.

  25. Vermilion #E34234


    Vermilion – Colour for your walls

  26. Viridian #40826D


    Viridian – Best colour for walls with Painting.

  27. Watchet #8FBABC


    Paint your walls with Watchet colour to get a pleasant look and feel on your wall.

  28. Wenge #645452

    Colour Names - Wenge

    Wenge – For your house and workplace, wenge is a good option.

  29. Xanadu #738678

    Colour Names - Xanadu

    Xanadu – Your space will appear beautiful and enjoyable with this light green colour effect.

  30. Zaffre #0818A8

    Colour Names - Zaffre

    If you want to give your walls a fresh start, Zaffre is the answer!

    We hope you found this knowledge useful and that you enjoyed reading it. Keep an eye on the new and exciting stuff! I wish you and your families a wonderful day & Healthy life. 

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